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Case Study: Bispham & Cleveleys Kitchens

5th November 2021


The Brief

Bispham Kitchen and Cleveleys Kitchens in Blackpool are two family restaurants well-known to locals and visitors alike. Owned and run by the same company, the restaurants are very popular. They are also extremely busy and serve everything from fish & chips to roast dinners week in, week out.

The two restaurants were in need in of refurbishment and a new contemporary interior design. In particular, the restaurant furniture had not been replaced in 30 years. Not surprisingly, the wooden tables and chairs were looking a bit tired and worn. Warner Contracts Limited was asked to recommend and supply a range of commercial furniture that would help to refresh the look of these iconic family restaurants.

The Warner Contract Furniture Solution

Our recommendation was to use variety of tables bases topped with extremely hard-wearing bespoke laminate table tops to offer different seating options. We also suggested the restaurants pair these with our bespoke Washington dining chairs.

A mix of different seating options at Bispham Kitchen

Dining areas

Three different table bases were specified – our Forza XL Round Dining Tables, our Quattro Medium Square Dining Table Bases, and the Quattro Twin Pedestal Dining Tables.
The Forza Extra Large Round Dining Table Base will support a 6-seater 1300mm diameter table top which is ideal for restaurants who often cater for large groups. The circular base is made from sturdy black powder-coated cast iron. The Forza is not only extremely durable but its clean modern lines mean it will suit most interior schemes.

Our Quattro Medium Dining Table Bases are perfectly suited for heavy regular use in commercial environments. Like the Forza, they are manufactured from cast iron finished with a black powder coating. They also feature an attractive pyramid-shaped base plate which supports a steel column. In the same range but featuring a large base plate and two columns, our Quattro Twin Pedestal Dining Table Bases easily cater for 6-seater table tops.

Different coloured seat upholstery used to good effect at Bispham Kitchen

The choice of table tops is a crucial one as they take the brunt of the heavy use experienced in busy cafes. They need to be hard-wearing, easy to keep clean and withstand constant contact with plates, glasses and cutlery. That’s why we recommended our bespoke H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Tops for Bispham and Cleveleys Kitchens.

These 25mm thick laminate table tops are incredibly durable. The Graphitewood decoration features an attractive white wood grain effect on a dark grey background. And they are waterproof and heat resistance up to 180°C. In addition they are scratch resistant and feature anti chip edges as standard – either in ABS or PVC.

Warner Contracts machined the table corners to provide extra safety to customers

One special requirement asked for by the client was for additional customer safety. They wanted the table top corners to be curved rather than pointed. In a busy restaurant with children and many customers coming and going – the potential to bang into a sharp corner is always there.

So we machined the laminate table top corners to order to produce 4-seater rectangular and 2-seater square table tops with a 50mm curved radius. We also supplied large diameter round laminate table tops for 6-seater settings.

6-seater laminate table top supported by Forza XL Table Base

For seating in both restaurants, we suggested our Washington Dining Chairs. These comfortable and hard-wearing chairs feature a cleverly designed solid hardwood frame with a black wood stain. The seat back has an elegant curve that not only provides comfort but also allows the chairs to be stacked. In addition, the chairs have a padded seat fully upholstered in a durable and easy to clean faux leather.

The client opted to have three different but complementary upholstery colours for the chairs – slate, teal and chilli. They’ve mixed these around the restaurant to create an interesting effect that complements the neutral tones of the walls and floor.

Soft seating area

For the Bispham Kitchen Restaurant the client also required some soft furniture for the front window area of the cafe. This is where customers can sit in comfort for a cup of tea or coffee and cake and watch the world go by.

We recommended a mix of sofas, tub chairs and cube stools matched with a couple of coffee tables. Our bespoke Enduro Sofa is a great soft seating option. Its classic styling complements most interior design schemes and can withstand heavy use. It has a hardwood frame and is covered in high quality faux leather upholstery. We offer a wide range of upholstery colours and the client chose to go with slate – to match one of the colours used for the dining chairs.

The new soft seating area at Bispham Kitchen

To create a homely setting, we recommended the Enduro sofas should be matched with our Etc Tub Chairs. These tub chairs are made with a sturdy hardwood frame and are fully upholstered with contract quality and easy to maintain faux leather. The client chose to use the same slate coloured upholstery on the tub chairs.

Our Cube Stools are fully upholstered and can take constant heavy use yet remain looking good. For Bispham Kitchen we customised our standard cube stools to create a patchwork effect of four panels on each side of the cube using slate and teal colourways. We use contract quality faux leather which can be simply wiped clean.

For the coffee tables we specified our Quattro Twin Ped CoffeeTable Bases and bespoke Antracite Fineline Metallic H3190 laminate table tops with specially machines curved corners. These table tops complement the look of the dining tables and blend well with the sofas, tub chairs and cube stools.

The final element of the commercial furniture specification was our Dunbar Medium Outdoor Dining Table. Our Dunbar tables are a great all-weather choice for outdoor areas and is both stylish and practical. It is manufactured with a steel frame covered with a black powder-coated finish and an attractive compact laminate top with a modern cement grey finish. The HPL table top cannot be beaten for durability. It is UV and scratch-resistant and can withstand heat and liquids without damage.

Full specification:

Bispham Kitchen

• x90 Washington side chairs in black wood stain with slate upholstery
• x35 Washington side chairs in black wood stain with teal upholstery
• x35 Washington side chairs in black wood stain with chilli upholstery
• x24 1200 x 700mm bespoke H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Top
• x24 Quattro Twin Ped Dining Table Base
• x5 700mm square bespoke H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Top
• x5 Quattro Medium Square Dining Table Base
• x6 1100mm diameter bespoke H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Top
• x6 Forza XL Round Dining Table Base
• x4 bespoke Enduro Sofa with slate upholstery
• x4 bespoke Etc Tub Chair with slate upholstery
• x7 bespoke Cube Stool with slate and teal patchwork effect upholstery
• x2 1200 x 900mm Anthracite Fineline Metallic H3190 Laminate Table Top
• x2 Quattro Twin Ped Coffee Table Base
• x10 690mm square Dunbar Medium Outdoor Dining Table

Cleveleys Kitchen

• x60 Washington side chairs in black wood stain with slate upholstery
• x35 Washington side chairs in black wood stain with teal upholstery
• x35 Washington side chairs in black wood stain with chilli upholstery
• x22 1200 x 700mm bespoke H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Top
• x22 Quattro Twin Ped Dining Table Base
• x13 700mm square bespoke H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Top
• x13 Quattro Medium Square Dining Table Base
• x2 1100mm diameter H1123 ST22 Graphitewood Laminate Table Top
• x2 Forza XL Round Dining Table Base

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