School Furniture

From the classroom and canteen to the staff room and reception, all schools need to carefully consider what furniture they need for each individual space. Budgeting is a constant battle in the education sector, so ensuring your school furniture is both affordable and built to last is key to success.

Warner Contract Furniture has years of experience providing furniture for schools, including furniture for primary schools, high schools and colleges across the UK. In the education sector, furniture goes through heavy wear and tear from constant use. We work with our clients to guide them through the furniture selection process and ensure they get the best quality products suited to their needs.  

Leading supplier of school furniture

We are one of the most reliable school furniture suppliers in the UK and we are particularly popular amongst those sourcing primary school furniture. We stock a wide range of items to make delivery to your school as fast as possible. Much of our school furniture requires little or no maintenance and is designed to be hard wearing to deal with rigorous daily use.

With a vast selection of everyday chairs, desks, tables and breakout area furniture, you can choose from the very best in design and quality – all of which have been carefully selected to offer you a top class school furnishing result. 

From office chairs and desks to folding seating, canteen furniture and more, our friendly sales team are on hand to listen to your individual needs and ensure you have everything you need to create a comfortable and stylish environment.

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Furniture for primary schools, high schools and colleges are subject to considerable wear and tear throughout its lifespan. Although budget constraints are often limiting, ensuring furniture is safe is of utmost importance. School furniture should be inspected regularly and replacements procured when necessary.

The most important piece of furniture for a primary school to have is good seating and tables for the students. Explore our great collection and choose from a variety of styles, including traditional, modern, industrial and vintage.

Each school will need different types of furniture, with each department also having specific needs within the school. For primary school furniture, you must ensure that you are purchasing more than enough chairs and tables for each pupil to account for replacements and spares as needed. 

The Swindon Classroom Chairs are the perfect choice for primary school furniture, as they come in a variety of colours and are stackable.