Poseur Tables

A practical and convenient solution to your bar, pub or restaurant’s needs, poseur tables are as tall as they are stylish. Typically described as tall bar tables due to their height, poseur tables are perfect for diners looking for a more relaxed drinking or dining experience.

Often paired with tall chairs or bar stools, poseur tables bring a sense of verticality to your space. Seating patrons at different heights can bring a sense of privacy to even the smallest of areas or can be used to differentiate your customers from those eating and drinking. 

However, tall bar tables work just as well on their own. When placed with no accompanying seating, they provide a convenient place for patrons to rest their drinks. The absence of seating can create more space for people to enjoy while standing and enjoying a chat in a busy venue.

Tall bar tables from Warner Contract Furniture

Warner Contract Furniture offers a huge variety of styles and finishes when it comes to poseur tables. With a choice of high bases and table tops, you can mix and match products off the shelf or create bespoke products to ensure your public house or restaurant decor is truly unique. 

From the simple practicality of a laminate poseur table to the more sophisticated stainless steel or matte black, you can be confident that our commercial furniture is designed to not only look great, but provide long lasting and robust service.

All of our high-quality poseur tables are available for express delivery with stock being delivered to your business within days of order. Bespoke orders are quickly processed by our own in-house manufacturing service which can supply custom poseur tables to your bar, cafe or pub within just 3 to 5 weeks of order.

If you’re looking for just one poseur table, or need tall bar tables for an entire venue, our friendly sales team can help. Get in touch to discuss bespoke items and bulk order discounts.

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Tall bar tables found in pubs and restaurants are known in the industry as poseur tables. They can be used to create a separate ‘bar’ area where patrons can eat and drink away from the bar itself.

Poseur tables are tall bar tables typically found in pubs and restaurants. They’re used for food or drinks and can be found with or without tall stools or chairs.

They’re usually found near the bar itself and can often be used to mimic the bar, allowing patrons to lean rather than sit down.

Poseur tables are typically used for eating and drinking. They can help to save space in busy pubs or bars by allowing patrons to comfortably drink without needing to sit down.

These tables can be utilised to create privacy in small, quieter establishments by seating patrons at different heights. They can also be used to differentiate different types of patrons (those eating and those just drinking) to help servers.

A double poseur table is a regular poseur table with an additional, smaller surface above the main tabletop. These can help create more space for drinks, or cutlery, and can make these tables even more adaptable.  They are also known as twin poseur tables.