Driftwood Table Tops

£97.60£206.40 Inc. VAT


Product Description

  • 32mm Thick
  • Manufactured in the UK

Available Sizes (mm)
600mm Round / Square
700mm Round / Square (recommended 2 seater table)
800mm Round / Square
1100 x 700mm Rectangular
1200 x 700mm Rectangular (recommended 4 seater table)

If anything is going to evoke the romantic feel of a coastal seascape then the Driftwood Table Top is it: With its pale, sea-bleached wood appearance this is an item which very much lives up to its name. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘driftwood’ translates as flimsy: this is a solid, robust table top which can easily cope with the knocks, spills and high traffic customer use it will see in your premises.

Available in both round and rectangular formats with sizes ranging from 600mm, 700mm and 800mm, there are also larger versions measuring 1100 x 700mm or even 1200 x 700mm (our standard recommendation for 4-seater usage).

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